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For over 19 years and serving clients with over 30,000 locations spanning 44 states, National Financial Services, Inc. has brought stability, commitment and innovation to the processing, storage and delivery of MICR documents and has helped our clients meet their compliance/reporting requirements. Our services give you greater control over the cost to process items, deliver data and store/retrieve document images. Our redundant servers maintain MICR data and an archive containing over 3 years of images and provide our customers - 24/7 - unlimited access to their images. Whether it is one request or thousands at a time, our systems deliver.

Even as the volume of MICR documents decline industry wide, we remain committed to the continued support and development of our customer’s MICR capture and document archival needs – and now, we are also developing new solutions for our Money Order issuer to offset declining volumes at store level with the revenues from other financial products. Providing other financial products to the consumer in lue of PC based equipment will help keep costs down, operation user friendly, and transactions fast. A selection of financial products tailored to your customer demographic, will enhance your bottom line by driving more traffic to your stores and generating more transactions fees per consumers.

Whether you need MICR Document Processing, Money Orders, Money Transfer, Bill Payment, Prepaid Cellular Phone or Debit/ATM Cards, Merchant Services or other financial solutions: lets us guide you into a profitable easy to use solution for your customer’s needs.

business SOLUTIONS

NFS, has been and will continue to be a pricing and technology leader in the processing of MICR documents through relationships with various banks and corporate item processing facilities. Our individual specific services will give you greater control over the cost to process items, deliver data, and maintain document images.




















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